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Family Vacations & Travel

Taking an exciting trip with your family brings you closer together
and if it is carefully thought out, everyone will have a great time!
You give us your desires and we make it happen.


We had 5 children, 3 spouses, 1 girlfriend, 8 grandchildren, and a Great Grandmother who live from Washington State, to Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. The last 8 years we have held a family get together every 2 years, otherwise, the cousins would not know each other. We understand the how difficult the logistics are to have them all together at the same place for 1 week. It is our job to help you pull everything together and relieve you from the stress so you can enjoy the process and look forward to your event.

Below are a few ideas of locations and types of vacations to consider. We can do custom itineraries for your group to tour Ireland or any location everyone decides upon. The changing pictures at the top of this page are places we have visited, except Russia and Machu Picchu, and this gives us the experience that we use when we walk you through the details of your special trip.

There are many tours both in the US and abroad that offer not only wonderful family bonding but laying the foundation of a well-rounded education that imprints the images in your children's head that help them to relate to what they learn in school.

Another source of ideas is for you to browse through our page of "Satisfied Customers Letters" (Click to go there).


Here are a few ideas

  • A big favorite is Disney

  • Skiing the white powder of Colorado

  • Caribbean Cruises

  • Tour exotic locations around the world

  • Take an Ancestry Tour

  • Harry Potter Tours

  • All-inclusive resorts like Beaches Resorts

  • Sun and Surf

  • National and State Parks

London, Paris, Rome



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