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Satisfied Hawaii Customers are many,
especially when using Memorable Travels' service.

"Hawaii" is on most people's Must See List.
We can tell you first hand that it lives up to it's reputation.
Here is what some of our clients say:

Aston Pacific Monarch Resort
Honolulu, Hawaii

Thank you so much for everything you did for us with this trip! It was amazing! So good, in fact, that Mom would like to go back with Dad for a MONTH. They will want the same type of room in the Aston Pacific Monarch , we loved the hotel and location. It was such a fantastic view!

Again... thanks so much for all of your help and for making the trip so wonderful and worry-free!

Kasey, Linda and Brenda
Lexington & Corbin, KY and Great Falls, MT


Kauai, Hawaii

Just wanted to let you know a little bit about our trip. What a beautiful place!! There is one main highway around about 75% of the island. The road ends at each end of the Napali Coast. The maximum speed limit any place is 50mph. It takes almost two hours to go from the north to the west (one end of the road to the other); almost one and half hours to go to the south. Except for Lihue all the towns are like small town America. Our favorite was Hanalei.

To see the beauty you have to take some hikes. The view from and of Hideaway Beach (right below our condo); Secret Beach (large, beautiful), Queens Bath (unique and nice little swimming hole) require short hikes (5-15 minutes) but are worth every step. Hanakapi'ai Falls (magnificent) requires an 8 mile round trip hike but was worth every step too. We also drove up Waimea Canyon and saw it and the lookout at the end of the road. At those lookouts you couldn't tell where the ocean ended and the sky began.....just Awesome!!

We took a Napali Coast tour the first day we were there. We used Napali Seabreeze Tours. It was on a small boat compared to some of the other tours we saw. The staff was nice and safety was big to them. The boat was comfortable with 15 on it. They were very knowledgeable about the coast line and history. They needed a speaker at times.

We also did a zip line/hiking/kayaking tour with Princeville Ranch. We enjoyed it but probably wouldn't have done it had Laurie's sister not paid for part of it as a present. (She and her husband went last year.) The zip lining was fun, after the first time. They were very professional and knew how to have a good time. They also discussed plants and history along the way. Laurie and I enjoy that.

The most disappointing this was the luau. It is the one recommended in the "Ultimate Kauai Guidebook." The food was fair but the entertainment was bad. I dozed through it. Laurie was bored too. We expected a little more history telling and artistry. We felt like it was a big waste of time and money.

This is obviously the highlights. We are so glad we went to this island. It seemed like anyone we talked to who has been to the other islands loved Kauai the best. The best advice I could give anyone is to explore and take a hike. If you don't you'll miss a lot.

Laurie and Dal
Lexington, KY


Honolulu, Kauai and Maui, Hawaii

Thank you! We had an absolutely wonderful time in Hawaii!!! Everything went very well.

The condo in Kauai was perfect. I don't think we could have stayed anywhere else on the island and been happier. It was right on the beach, with an absolutely perfect view.

We really enjoyed Maui as well, but Kauai was our favorite. As you said Honolulu was a big city, but we did enjoy the tours of Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center. I did a lot of my relaxing time there while Brian attended classes.

Thanks again. As in the past, everything was wonderful. You thought of everything.

Julie and Brian
Versailles KY



Honolulu, Hawaii

Harold and I want to thank you for your help. We had an awesome time in Hawaii and we are talking about going again next year. It was a true blessing, everything about the trip was great. My husband also became a super star from being called on stage to play the drums, they loved him.

We enjoyed the events, Honolulu and just each other. I don’t think our trip would have been as awesome as it was without you and your help. You are good and at what you do and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks for making our vacation a success!!!

Kimberly and Harold
Lexington, KY



We went to Honolulu first, and the Outrigger Reef on the Beach hotel was fabulous! They were in the process of remodeling, but our room had been completed and it was wonderful. Pearl Harbor is definitely worth seeing, it was a very humbling experience. In Maui, we stayed at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. The people were wonderful and the hotel was nice and clean. We spent a day on the road to Hana, and really enjoyed the beautiful waterfalls and ocean views. On our 1 week anniversary we splurged on dinner and went to Nick’s Fish market in South Maui. It was expensive, but so worth it! The food was excellent, and for desert we had flaming strawberries! Another neat thing we did was the Atlantis Submarine in Maui. We were able to get up close and personal with the sea life (including a black tip reef shark) without having to get wet. Snorkeling at Molokini Crater was fun too, but the water there was a bit cold for my taste!

In all, it was a fabulous honeymoon! The people there are so hospitable. We did not have one bad experience in the 10 days that we were in Honolulu and on Maui. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making it happen. As you might can tell, it’s been almost a year since our trip, but we still feel like it was yesterday. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Deanna and Danny
Richmond KY




Oahu & the Big Island, Hawaii

What a trip! Hawaii truly is an island paradise. We found everything to be as you planned for us. We had an activity scheduled every day but one and that day we went to a military museum. We ate interesting food including Japanese & Hawaiian. Also, we met some fun people from different places on our tours. The family photo was taken on the lava rock from a 1984 volcano eruption on the Big Island.

We did enjoy the gift package of candy and cookies delivered to our rooms. It made us want more which we also enjoyed!

Thanks again.

Harry, Mary "Liz" & Mark
New Castle, KY



We want to let you know what a great time we had in Maui. The Resort was great!! The Aston Maui Lu was a very accommodating deluxe property and was just what we had expected. It was always clean, no bugs and the grounds were excellent and so were the people!!! The pool was very nice. We did a lot of sight seeing, went deep sea fishing (which we didn't catch anything) but had a nice ride for awhile until the rain storm.

The Luau was great. I will definitely do that again. We enjoyed every thing there and really appreciate all the help you gave us. We will certainly be booking through you again. Hopefully within the year. You have a great day and talk with you soon!

Kent & Trina
Frankfort, KY



We can never fully express to you our gratitude for your help-especially the last minute change-to our honeymoon. You were always kind and took all the time needed to talk through any questions we had. You went above & beyond and we will be grateful always.

Kauai & Maui were absolutely beautiful. We could not have asked for better arrangements. We will definitely go through you & recommend your services for all future travel needs.

Thank you so much,

Ruth & Brett
Lexington, KY


Hawaii, Maui, Oahu

Thank you for arranging this wonderful vacation, it is still just unbelievable that we were in Hawaii. We had a marvelous time. We realized we were describing everything as "amazing". So our whole vacation was just amazing. Thank you so much.

We saw so many whales on a whale watching cruise, it was unbelievable. One show we went to on Maui was "Ulalena" in Lahaina. I would recommend that to everyone. It was beautiful. I'm ready to move to Maui.

The hotel in Honolulu was wonderful. We were oceanfront looking out onto a beach park. The hotel on Hawaii, the Outrigger, was great! We were upgraded and were right over the tidal pool where we got to watch the sea turtles swimming around and lounging up on the rocks. We could have used another day or two on Hawaii.

I'm also very glad we went on up to N. KY the night before we left. That was so easy to get to the airport and to be able to leave the car at the hotel for the time we were gone.

Thank you so much for putting this package together for us. We'll let you know when we need to go back. Thanks again.

Sheila & Genne
Frankfort, KY


Hawaii: Kauai-Sheraton, Maui-Hyatt Regency

Now that our wedding is over and we're back from Hawaii, we wanted to take a minute to thank you again for helping us plan our perfect honeymoon. Your professionalism coupled with the personal attention you provided us, was unlike any other. All of the options you provided us, your first-hand knowledge of the islands, and your uncanny availability, made us feel confident with the choices we made. Your went above and beyond what was expected and we appreciated your thoughtful notes along the way. We will definitely recommend Memorable Travels to our family and friends. Thanks again.


Mindy & John
Fisherville, KY



Big Island, Hawaii

I just wanted to give you a big thank you for all of your help in planning our honeymoon. It was absolutely wonderful! The snorkeling trip was phenomenal....Brett and I were floored with everything on that particular day. The crew on the catamaran were second to none. We decided to do the helicopter trip once we got there. We had a Blue Hawaiian site about 1/4 mile down from our hotel. Brett was beside himself with going so we decided to take the plunge even though it was pretty expensive! I wouldn't have changed a thing. The island is beautiful and the people are so nice and accommodating. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it and to thank you for your time...hopefully, we'll be able to cross paths again for future trips! Thanks again!!

Tracy and Brett
Lexington, KY



Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii
and San Francisco

Thank you for planning our trip for us.

It was done so well and we couldn't have been more pleased about how things went, the places we stayed, and the activities, etc. We know that it was in part due to your experience and hard work. Thank you again for planning this for us and hopefully we'll be able to go some place else one of these days!

Mary and Sam
Frankfort, Ky


NCL Cruise to the Hawaiian Islands

We wanted to thank you for everything you did to make our honeymoon a wonderful vacation. It truly was a remarkable trip and everything went so smoothly - you really thought of everything.

The Norwegian Cruise to the Hawaiian Islands was a great way to see everything Hawaii had to offer. Our stateroom was great, the excursions were very fun, and the food was outstanding. We were sad to leave the cruise, but the extra four days you planned in Maui were just as great.

Some of our favorite moments were captured in the following pictures: lava viewing on the Big Island, the Old Lahaina Luau in Maui, sightseeing on the Road to Hana, and the honeymoon party on the cruise boat.

Thanks again,
Rebecca and Adam
Lexington, KY



We had a great time. We were already in Kauai when the earthquake hit and being naive easterners we thought it was a blast from a quarry or similar. It wasn't until we went out to the beach and heard all those West coast folks considering a potential tsunami that we were clued in. We didn't even have a loss of electricity in our building. The water was a little rough (we like waves though) for a day or two.

I wanted to thank you for setting everything up in Honolulu. Everything went very smoothly and the tour bus driver to Pearl Harbor and back was very informative and pointed out sites and talked about the history of places as we drove back and forth. The hotel was very nicely located. We had the "Rodeo Drive" of Honolulu outside our doors and just around the block we had Waikiki Beach. Nice spot. Thanks again.

Carol & son Cole
Georgetown KY


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