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The world has almost endless choices of beautiful and exotic destinations. We at Memorable Travels can customize an itinerary to help you have your dream vacation or find a tour that will guide you through these wonderful places. Here is what our
customers think.

Caravan Tours, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

We have returned - finally! The trip was totally fantastic, all accommodations, food, tour guide, bus driver, fellow travelers, people, country, etc, all awesome!  The tour guide added some really nice extra adventures for us! We would easily recommend this trip, and you, to anyone.

John enjoyed the trip very much (his first bus tour like this) and is talking about another one! This is progress! Thanks for the very well done arrangements. We will be contacting you again!

Thank you,

Joyce and John
Versailles, KY




Galapagos Island and Machu Picchu

We want to thank you for arranging a trip of a lifetime for us to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. What a wonderful time we had meeting some of the most interesting people and seeing such unique land forms, plant life and wild life. We saw humpback whales, iguanas, a vast variety of birds, seals, turtles and much more. Excellent snorkeling around the Galapagos Islands as well.

Machu Picchu was also fascinating and a gorgeous place to see. Those who are able can hike around much of the site. Those who cannot hike or climb can still see a great overview from an area with a bench. Don't forget the altitude is high here...consider taking medications to help avoid problems with this when you arrive in Cusco before going on to Machu Picchu.

These were some very special places to visit. We highly recommend others travel and see for themselves! Thanks again for all of your planning and taking such good care of us. This was a overall great experience.

Pat & Kathleen
Frankfort KY & Sunbury OH


Allegro Papagayo Resort Costa Rica

Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into planning our trip. We loved Costa Rica and had a wonderful time. I spent the entire cab ride to the airport trying to convince Andy we should stay there. Thanks too for the fruits and flowers! They were lovely.

Here are some pictures we snapped at the resort. It was beautiful! We were surrounded by natural beauty - on one side by the ocean and the other by rainforest. It was so private and just perfect for a honeymoon. To get to a town to do some shopping we had to take a shuttle for about 30-40 minutes, and we got to see so much pretty land. The country abounds with rainforest, beaches, active volcanoes, canyons, and fields.

The resort was also beautiful and had great views of the gulf. Everyone was so attentive and friendly and they offered a lot of activities for us. We went kayaking and the water was so clear we could see the coral and fish at the bottom. They had two options for beaches - a black sand beach from the volcanoes, and a white sand beach. While we were on the beach we could watch monkeys playing around in the trees above us and some people even fed them.

The restaurants at the resort were really good too. The only thing we had to worry about was in the open-air restaurants. If you leave your table unattended for too long the monkeys and birds will sneak in and steal your food, which was so funny. We had a wonderful time and want to return as soon as we can.

Thanks for everything.

Michelle and Andy
Lexington KY



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